We cannot repeat this enough: coworking is unlike any other office rental facilities. coworking has a philosophy. It features strong values. Alex Hillman, founder of Philalphia’s Indy Hall, identified and labeled five major coworking values. Cowork.io completely agrees with the established list and wishes to share it, because it’s our idea of coworking too!

Coworking is communitarian

Yes we know, you have to manage the place and you own money by renting offices BUT please keep in mind that, after all, you are doing it because you are the architect of a community! And it really matters. Firstly because your community shapes the place you are in charge of. When you set up a coworking center you need to create a community in order to offer it an appropriate working space (according to William Van Den Broek, from Paris’ oldest coworking center La Mutinerie). You need to build up your offer by taking into consideration your community’s desires and needs.

Although you are the architect of this community, you are not its leader. You are the manager. Communities come to life because they have history. It takes time to create the perfect environment for the community to emerge.

Coworking is sustainable

Coworking is a sustainable concept. In addition to the majority of co-workers with an ecological awareness coworking sought right from the beginning to propose an alternative way of working. Founders of coworking centers also wished to guarantee the autonomy of their structures by depending exclusively on the revenues they get from the members of their community (and thus not relying on outside financing).

Same thing goes for recruiting: 93% of the existing coworking centers develop their community by word to mouth, and no other publicity. Lastly, coworking centers value sustainable relations within their communities. Far from our days’ frenetic instantaneous exchanges, coworkers seek to develop their connection to people on the long run. They prefer “authentic” encounters because they believe better professional collaborations come out from these relationships. It also has an impact on feelings: 28% of coworking centers declare couples emerge within their communities.

Coworking is cooperative

No need to establish your center if you cannot imagine cooperation between the members of your community. It is one of the most important added values of coworking in comparison to tradition working environments. Coworkers are equals and the importance of their tasks does not interfere with their relations. The sustainable aspect of their exchanges, the diversity of their competences and the effects of networking generated by coworking are binding factors which encourage cooperation between members of a community.

Coworking is “open”

The value of aperture in coworking expresses itself under three different forms. Firstly, a capacity of intellectual open-mindedness in regards to the other members of the group, which enables everyone to be a part of the community. It suggests accepting the unexpected. Thus, serendipity is favored! Lastly, coworking nurtures a close link to hacking: it is an environment where open-source techs are central. And co-workers tend to favor these sources.

Coworking is reachable

Reachability is a fundamental value to the coworking world. coworking is flexible, it has no limits, and it is accessible to everyone. It is a determining fact in the co-workers’ productivity and their professional fulfillment. A coworker who wishes to work a few days at home does not need an approval to do so. He masters his own workload and schedule. coworking creates spaces were people meet, where competence and creativity are master words and sharing is the rule. In other terms, offices in a standard company enable to rationalize each employee’s work place; a coworking center’s mission is not to solely mutualize square meters. It aggregates brilliantly energies, projects, ideas, concentration and networks.

The accessibility of a coworking center

The accessibility of a coworking place kind of designs itself. Indeed, self-selection is the key to developing a coherent community. No need to put barriers at the entrance of your center, things will figure themselves out.